We want to take a moment to write about the CrossFit Fidelity coaching staff. We believe that coaching is critical to your experience and is something that differentiates Fidelity.  Anyone can become a CrossFit coach by meeting all the requirements of a Level 1 Certification seminar.  That certificate is only the foundation for our coaches at Fidelity.  We strive to hold our coaches to a higher standard. Each member of the staff is chosen for their ability to engage with athletes of all levels, their ability to teach athletes to perform movements safely, their enthusiasm for building the Fidelity community, and their passion for learning and building their own technical expertise.

     Each of our Coaches have come up through the ranks as members of CrossFit Fidelity.  Most of our coaches have been learning exclusively from at Fidelity for one to two years.  They’ve become proficient in our exclusive techniques that have brought success to all of our athletes.  This experience is invaluable and is the key ingredient in the application of our coaching techniques.  Our coaches engage in continuing education through regular clinics at CrossFit Fidelity.  These clinics focus on the development of their technical expertise.  Each coach goes through an inclusive and intensive apprenticeship under the direct tutelage of Matt and each have demonstrated a complete proficiency and efficacy as a coach before they are able to lead classes at CrossFit Fidelity.  Our coaching staff also participates in seminars and receives certifications outside of Fidelity's in-house program like;  CrossFit’s Olympic Lifting Certification and CrossFit Mobility.  

     Our staff has a commitment to excellence and constant learning.  Fidelity coaches will always put the needs of Fidelity athletes first when we are at the box.  We know that one thing you ask of us and the other coaches is to give you the best effort we have everyday and ensure you have the best experience possible.  We pledge to you, our members and our staff, that we will strive everyday to deliver that best possible experience. Exceptionalism is our standard.  Below, you can read brief bios on each of the Proven coaches.  

Thank you for making Fidelity the best place to be a coach.

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    Derek Wakefoose

    Head Coach, Derek’s athletic career began at age 10 with soccer and baseball. Within the year, he realized he held a passion for all athletics. Over the next few years Derek participated in soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, and football, excelling in anything to which he commits.   Read More...

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    Brittany Yilmaz-Chambers

    Co-Owner, Brittany Yilmaz-Chambers has always had a passion for community and connecting with others. Pursuing this passion first through volunteer work, then yoga and cross training during her college career, and later professionally as a social worker, Britt discovered that she could also fulfill that passion in CrossFit. CrossFit quickly captured Britt's heart and she attained her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate one year after starting CrossFit.   Read More...

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    Matt Chambers

    Co-Owner, Matthew Chambers has over 20 years experience working as a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach. Professional athletes, homemakers, seniors and children alike have seen great success working with Matt; and you will too! Coach Matt has developed hundreds of coaches all over the world working as an instructor at the National Personal Training Institute for the past 10 years.   Read More...

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    Loretta Pavie

    Retta's athletic career began in second grade when she picked up a basketball for the first time. While she played softball, field hockey, and lacrosse, basketball was her true love. She played basketball through her freshman year at Kutztown University until injuries forced her to "retire".   Read More...

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