Pricing & Services

Our coaching, programming and community environment is of the utmost importance to us because we know how crucial it is to your success! We are Fidelity for a reason, which is why we offer a FREE intro to CrossFit during which you get to experience the difference.

CrossFit Membership

Includes initial assessment to determine which plan best suits you.  Memberships include access to conveniently scheduled classes, our world class coaching, regular community events and more.


Monthly, weekly or 10 packs (starting at $106/mo, less than $9/class)

Ask us about our discounts for students, teachers, families, first responders/military, corporations & paid for in full memberships.


Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

"You can't out train a bad diet." 

Proper nutrition, stress management and supplementation are essential to optimal health and overall well-being. Exercise only accounts for about 12% of your body's daily energy expenditure! This means your diet and lifestyle are far more capable of helping you achieve your goals for wellness. 

Services rendered by Coach Britt, an Eat to Perform Adviser and Licensed Social Worker specializing in sports performance nutrition, psychotherapy and more!

Nutrition and Wellness Counseling can help you:

  • Change body composition through fat loss, building lean muscle and enhancing metabolism

  • Improve your performance 

  • Decrease aches and pains

  • Overcome issues with body image and unhealthy habits

  • Improve sleep and digestion

  • Improve stress management and mood stability

  • Establish healthy routines and lifestyle for you and the family

With Flourish Nutrition & Wellness Counseling, you won't have to follow any crazy fad diet or starve yourself silly!

Let's face it, we all want to look great naked, and we all want to feel good about ourselves. Let us help you feel and look good! If you’ve had difficulty with food, body image, managing stress or just coping with life’s day to day struggles this program is for you!

We offer varying levels of support to meet each individual’s needs. 







  • 15 minute bi-weekly 1:1

  • Bi-weekly app review

  • Macros reviewed bi-weekly

  • Training updates and analysis

  • 15 minute weekly 1:1

  • Weekly app review

  • Macros reviewed bi-weekly

  • Weigh ins/measurement 

  • Training updates and analysis

  • 30 minute weekly 1:1

  • Weekly app review

  • Macros reviewed weekly

  • Weigh ins/measurement 

  • Training updates and analysis

  • Meal macro breakdown updates

Paying in full for three months or more offers 10% discount

All levels include:

  • One hour consultation ($60)
  • Nutrition and health questionnaire
  • Dietary intake analysis (3 days tracked on FatSecret App)
  • Exclusive access to ETP Nutrition App to track stats, expenditure, performance, macros for work days & rest days 
  • Information packet w/ personal food journal, shopping list, encouragement, referrals/resources, supplement guidance, and valuable tips for your new lifestyle!
  • Proven Personalized Meal Guide w/ 'a la carte' options
  • Goal development, analysis and alteration throughout duration of training plan
  • Invitation to private FB group to access our supportive community 


Proven Performance Training - Student athletes 12-17 (Starts @ $84/mo):

Designed to improve overall athletic performance through multilateral development of the fundamental, 10 General fitness skills.  These skills are the basis for improvement in all sports. 

Athletes participating will learn skills such as:

Sprinting Technique

Change of Direction (Agility)

Exercise Technique

Participants will see improvements through age appropriate drills in explosive speed and power, strength, flexibility and stamina. Athletes will reduce their risk of injury most importantly while developing their overall athletic ability.

Proven Performance Training will begin with a combine to measure starting abilities.  Athletes will be testing their sprinting speed, agility, power, strength, stamina and flexibility. We will hold a  combine every 6 weeks to measure and show the athletes improvements. Athletes can expect to have fun while learning and developing their athletic abilities.

Personal Training  

One on one sessions designed to fulfill your specific needs and goals, regardless of whether it's to work on mobility, help you develop your gymnastic abilities or improve your Olympic lifting.

 Personal Training
 $330/6 sessions
 $600/12 sessions


Personalized Programming 

Available by template (at home WODs), or customized in order to cater to your strength and conditioning needs. CrossFit Proven can assist you with personalized programming which targets your individual challenges and enhances your strengths.  

 Programming (monthly)
 Custom (goal directed)
 2 days/week
 3 days/week
 5 days/week

Fidelity Development Package 

This package includes whatever suits your individual needs.  Whether you're looking to build mass, experience fat loss, recover from an illness or injury, work on your challenges or emphasize your strengths or are just looking to take your performance to the next level, we can help you achieve your goals.

Sample packages include CrossFit membership, nutrition training, personal training sessions and/ customized programming.

Fidelity Development Package
 Pricing varies
 Nutrition Training
 Personalized Programming
 Regular Assessments
 Goal Setting


Gymnastics Tumbling Classes

Semi-private training for groups and individuals.

Group Training 

Semi-private training for teams, groups of family/friends, co-workers and more.

Facility Rental 

3000 sq ft available for training space for teams, events and more.